Commercial Real Estate

3 Ways to Create a Memorable Stadium Experience

Recent economic opportunities and advancing technologies have sparked revitalization in the stadium marketing and that’s giving fans and players an entirely new experience with how stadiums are designed. Owners and designers have learned that fans want more than a building, they want a relationship.

Safe Disposal for Feminine Hygiene Products

Flushing menstrual hygiene products can wreak havoc on your facility’s plumbing, but the outdated metal receptacles are unpleasant and unhygienic. Motivate proper disposal and lower bloodborne pathogen risks with simple, intuitive solutions.

Bird’s Eye View from the Floor at the AIA Conference 2019

Skylights and aerial photography—both show you a unique view of your building. One helps building owners and facility managers track building damage from above while the other opens up the inside of a building with natural daylighting (also from above). Christoph Trappe walks the floor at AIA Architectural Conference in Las Vegas and chats with Velux and Nearmap about their products.

Chairs for Public Areas in Commercial Spaces

Displayed at the HD Expo in Las Vegas, these two new chair concepts were designed with public spaces in mind for commercial buildings. They feature comfort with a little fancy mixed in, perfect for restaurants, hotel lobbies and other hospitality facilities.