ID Chair

The ID Chair is individually configurable, giving designers and office planners the freedom to choose from countless variants.

Divider Panel

Integra Inc. has introduced a new divider panel for its Coffee House Collection.


Prata, Allseating’s collaboration with renowned designer Carl Gustav Magnusson, sets out to rectify the shortcomings plaguing most conference chairs—namely, ease of adjustment.


Dava is an exceptionally comfortable seating option with two back height options to accommodate various preferences. The soft and rounded forms convey a relaxed state of being for users.


BuzziCee is acoustic seating in a curved “C” shape that gives sitters options to casually socialize and work together or sit apart.

Sole Chair

The Sole chair is inspired by footwear and its expression of personality, capturing the individuality and identity shoes provide. Choose from a variety of colorways and materials that explore different styles.

Compact Workstations

These two new compact workstation models have 26 inches of height adjustment, supporting the height requirements of 95% of users in the clinical space.


SOFT ROCK is a new lounge seating system that represents the constant changes of office space and people who work there.

Mixu Seating Collection

Mixu is a sustainable and versatile collection of chairs and stools that can be customized to fit any design.

Radii Caddy

Allsteel’s Radii Caddy is a thoughtfully designed storage solution that addresses the need for workers to stow rather than store.