Envelope, Structural & Windows

Pour-in-Place Foams

This family of foam solutions is formulated with an HFO-based technology that results in performance benefits and minimizes environmental impact.

DensDefy Liquid Barrier

DensDefy Liquid Barrier is a fluid-applied, air- and water-resistive barrier that creates a seamless, durable membrane on exterior gypsum sheathing, wood sheathing, CMU and concrete walls.

8325 Series Windows

WINCO Window Company’s new 8325 Series of thermally advanced windows helps architects easily meet strict energy codes and LEED requirements with high-performing U-values.

DuraGard CM Transition Flashing

DuPont’s DuraGard CM Transition Flashing helps protect buildings against air and water intrusion. Use it to seal critical transitions and interfaces to achieve complete building protection.

Soundproof Window Inserts

These soundproof window inserts reduce outside noise by at least 50% when placed over operable single-pane windows. The Acoustic Grade does an even better job, reducing noise by roughly 70%.

Froth-Pak Spray Foam

DuPont’s Froth-Pak Spray Foam is an HFC-free, two-component polyurethane spray foam for filling large gaps and penetrations.

GLASSvent UT Project-Out Windows

Kawneer Company introduces an aesthetically pleasing ADA-compliant operating handle option for GLASSvent UT (Ultra-Thermal) Project-Out Windows.


Knight Wall Systems has launched ThermaZee, a new rainscreen girt that reduces thermal bridging, with thermal performance values over 90% effective, dramatically increasing the rainscreen wall assembly performance.

Palisades S90

C.R. Laurence has introduced a new bi-folding glass door and wall system with an eye on aesthetics, lasting performance and resiliency.