How a Texas Hospital Shed 13% of its Energy Consumption Overnight

May 16, 2017

Hosted by the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management, the "Energy Roundup” competition displayed some of the area's best examples of hospitals and healthcare facilities putting measures in place in order to save energy and protect the climate.

Baylor Scott & White Health-Carrollton won first place in the event after saving 13% of its energy consumption in 2016, while reducing its energy waste and saving the most water in Texas, according to TAHFM

Baylor Scott & White Health-Carrollton implemented four strategies to achieve significant energy reduction at its facility. The strategies include upgrading heating and cooling systems in 80 patient rooms, lowering nighttime temperatures in unoccupied areas, reducing the amount of air supplied to an operating room when not in use (allowing humidity settings to drift) and installing variable-frequency drives on air handlers in order to vary fan and pump motor speeds to match variable load applications.