From Garage Start-up to Industry Leader: Lithonia Lighting Celebrates 75 Years

In 2021, the Lithonia Lighting® brand celebrates 75 years. It is a proud heritage that continues today as Lithonia Lighting builds upon its status as a leading name in lighting trusted by specifiers, facility and operations managers, electrical contractors, electrical distributors, and many more. The Lithonia Lighting journey started small.  

BUILDINGS eBookshelf

Welcome to the BUILDINGS eBookshelf! In our digital library, we’ve compiled the latest guidelines for designing and operating commercial buildings. Our new eHandbooks are full of actionable information, case studies and helpful products from trusted sources and suppliers. Best of all, they’re free! 

Using Lighting and BMS to Advance Your Business

Lighting has the capability to transform and improve the spaces where we live, work and play. It is this amazing possibility that drives Acuity Brands to seek new and innovative lighting technologies for our customers.